Developing Today's Learners and Tomorrow's Innovators

At Math Factor-e our student's learning experience is front and center. We are located in Naperville, Illinois and we meet on a regular basis to discover, create, analyze or solve . Our coaches create a nurturing and challenging learning environment where the students thrive, collaborate and learn.Children are naturally receptive to learning and in taking challenges. We just need to provide them the right environment to grow and become independent. At Math Factor-e we are always trying to match the passionate teachers and the students they can inspire. 


Our mission is to transform the young and the curious into successful leaders. Math Factor-e  is committed to helping individuals discover their talents and passions, inspiring them to willingly work hard, bring out their full potential. Our mentors are a team of highly inspired high school students who have been through the Math Factor-e program and who can attest this discovery process.Discovery is exponential. Besides preparing the talented and gifted youth for Math competitions, Math Factor-e offers Enrichment programs in Math, English, Science & Technology. Our English Enrichment program promotes curiosity and excitement to sharpen their critical reading and writing skills. Students expand their vocabulary and improve their grammar and spelling. They become effective communicators.

Teaching Philosophy

At Math Factor-e we believe that excellence is an attitude and the pursuit of excellence is a journey. Coaches in Math factor-e inspire the students to actively explore and bring out their dormant creative problem solving and communication skills. Our students love to learn and we love to teach them.  We spend time developing interesting and meaningful materials that engage the students' interests. Our coaches instill the excitement to discover the beauty of english, math, science and technology.Our modern classrooms make it possible to explore the world around us in a safe, encouraging environment. We offer a wide range of courses to meet the specific needs of the students on their journey to becoming tomorrow's innovators.

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