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Math Factor-e : Philosophy of Teachers & Tutors

At Math Factor-e we believe that excellence is an attitude and the pursuit of excellence is a journey. Teachers and tutors at Math Factor-e inspire the students to actively explore and bring out their dormant creative problem solving and communication skills. Our students love to learn and we love to teach them.  We spend time developing interesting and meaningful materials that engage the students' interests. Our teachers and tutors instill the excitement to discover the beauty of English, math, science and technology. Our modern classrooms make it possible to explore the world around us in a safe, encouraging environment. We offer a wide range of courses and group tutoring sessions to meet the specific needs of the students on their journey to becoming tomorrow's innovators.



Math Factor-e Inc,

(now called) The Study Huddle

2112, Winding River Rd

Suite # 104
Naperville, IL 60564


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