Naperville Enrichment Learning & Tutoring Programs

Teacher led enrichment learning, Tutor led small group and individual learning, ACT/SAT Test Prep

Curriculum Enrichment Programs

Students take part in a collaborative, creative group that teaches them how to enhance their critical thinking, and communication skills. Students enrich their Math, English Science and Technology learning skills through teacher led discussion groups.

Talent Search Programs: Math Competitions

One way to organically prepare young students for tests is to nurture their natural problem solving skills through Math circles and Math contests. Students who have done well in Math competitions naturally gain the ability to do well in SAT & ACT quantitative sections without any additional preparation. 

Technology Programs: Computer Programming Courses

Teach students the essential skills of the future. These computer programming classes are tailored for students in elementary, middle school and high school.

Tutoring & Homework Help

We support customized and individualized learning experiences for students who need attention in small group or one-on-one settings. Through our guided practice program we provide homework help and guided practice to master concepts.

 Test Preparation Programs

We provide classes for ACT / SAT Math test prep and tutoring for reading, English, Writing and Science. We also work with elementary and middle school students to improve their cognitive and academic abilities, which are the foundations to effective test taking skills.

Math Factor-e Inc,

(now called) The Study Huddle

2112, Winding River Rd

Suite # 104
Naperville, IL 60564


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